ICT Journey So Far…

I have never really been good with ICT and never felt the need to try to learn. However, through studying EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy, although it is only the second week, I feel as though I am starting to develop a deeper appreciation of ICT and the opportunities it provides.

On the USQ study desk there is a table called ‘Stages of Teacher Development’ (Finger, et al., 2007, p. 9). It consists of five stages; inaction, investigation and application, integration and transformation. Before starting this course I was at the first stage, inaction, and had very little interest in ICT. Now I feel as though I am heading towards the second stage, investigation, as I start to develop an appreciation of ICT. I hope to continue my journey through the five stages of teacher development. What stage are you at?


Finger, G., Russell, G., Jamieson-Proctor, R., & Russell, N. (2007). Transforming learning with ICT: Making it happen. Frenchs Forest, NSW Australia: Pearson Education Australia.

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